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About RAJ JI

That was 18 year where I started a long adventure, much like a treasure trail, slotting pieces into the puzzle to come up with a more complete picture.  My interest and passion helped me to really understand myself and become more self-assured, with a far clearer direction.

Born and bought up in the Holy city of  Lord Krishna, Mathura in the sanctity of  spiritual and  pure atmosphere.  Travel crossed most of the part of India  with a time spend as a interest to help people and discovered spirituality, reincarnation, channeling, crystals, photo scanning method, stone, Poojas  and more.

I can view the birth chart as simply a map of your hidden personality. You can also wonder why you were born at that precise moment in time. I consider it as significant and through exploring my other lives I have a feeling of continuity, heritage and substance.

In addition to being an astrologer  I enhanced my capability by organising poojas and also as Kundli Viseshgaya. I look into the entire aspect of kundli and suggest remedies through stones and poojas.